6 Creative Ways to Capture and Preserve Memories of your Wedding Day

By Amy Foulkes

Once it’s all said and done it’s time to start preserving memories of your wedding day. In the years to come you want to be able to look back at those memories and experience it all in full detail. Treasuring the emotions, feelings and the ambience of the day can be done in so many creative ways. Mementos can take you back the day full of love and help you share the experience with future generations. There are so many imaginative ways to conserve memories whether you’re a minimalist bride, a pragmatic planner or a DIY enthusiast. Here are just a few creative ideas to get you started.


It’s rare that a bride and groom have the chance to connect with all their guests on their wedding day, so it’s key to have somewhere that loved ones can leave kind messages and well wishes. There are so many fun ideas for alternative guest books. Friends can leave messages in the traditional book or there are more quirky options for alternative couples. For vintage and music lovers consider getting guests to sign old records using metallic permanent marker. There is also the guestbook tree, which allows friends to leave fingerprints as 'leaves'. For the trivia fans out there opt for a fun questionnaire for guests to fill out, and enjoy reading the fun responses on your honeymoon.


Getting excellent videographers to capture the story of your big day is a worthwhile investment. Film can capture the beautiful spoken words, the mood and the movement of your day and store those memories for generations to come. Videos are also great for sharing the highlights of your day with overseas friends and snippets to your wider circle if you’re having a more intimate ceremony.


Once you get pictures back from your photographer it can be an overwhelming prospect knowing what to do with them all. If you're a no fuss type person you might consider getting them simply printed in a coffee table book, from an online or local printer. For something more crafty and involved you may consider scrapbooking as a fun activity to do with friends after the wedding, this can be as simple as photo corners and writing on a kraft style vintage album or detailed with embossing and embellishments on a creative album.

Couples can also do a lot more than framing and hanging photos around their home. There are tech savvy options, like digital photo frames displaying a slide show of your favourite wedding moments for living rooms and offices. You can also create an eclectic memory corner with a small bench or side table displaying an array of wedding photos and memorabilia. Photos can be pegged to bunting or rope above desks and stations or for high resolution images, get enlarged canvas prints for your living space.


There are more and more flower alternatives coming into the market for brides who want to treasure their blooms forever. Brides are opting for quirky broach, and button bunches. There are also talented silk flower artists who craft arrangements and flower crowns that photograph beautifully and last forever.

For those brides wanting real blooms they can be preserved by various methods from freeze drying, framing, pressing, setting in candle wax or simply drying and hanging. The options are endless to keep your well invested flowers blooming well past the wedding day.


Photos aren't the only memories from your wedding that can be framed. For couples opting to write their own vows there is the option to frame and display these in their home. This can either be done on the original piece of paper used or written in calligraphy and then hung serving as a memory of the beautiful commitment spoken.


The decor from your big day doesn't have to stay unused afterward. If you’re purchasing rather than renting props, re-use them in your home, as special mementos. Blackboards can be repurposed as slates to write love notes, or even to-do lists. Bouquet Ribbons and fabric from dresses can be transformed as crafts, from simply tying them around jars and vases to creating a 'wedding memory' quilt, teddy bear or fabric scrap rug.

What are your favourite ways to preserve and present memories? What are your top wedding memento ideas? Please comment down below, we would love to hear from you. If you are looking for a videographer to capture the magic of your special day contact us to see if we are the right fit for you.