Post-Wedding Day: Charitable Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Wedding

By Winona Fajardo

Weddings require a ton of props and materials, and most of them are only used on the day itself. You can, of course, hire some of the wedding props and pieces such as your wedding gown and flower arrangements but, not everyone tends to go to that option especially those who like to go the extra mile just to make their wedding day unique and special, so at the end of the day you will be left with a lot of things that you do not know what to do with. If you try the suggestions below, you will surely have the most memorable event of your life in a unique way that others can benefit as well.

Mini dresses for the angels

Ever thought of what to do with that $2,000 wedding dress you bought that you will only wear for a single day? Instead of stocking it at the back of your closet hoping that it might be of use someday or hoping that your children and future grandchildren will wear them on their wedding day, ask a tailor to cut your wedding dress and transform it into multiple little dresses. You can then give the dresses to children in the orphanage or those in the hospitals who suffer from an illness or disorder. You can do the same thing to the dresses your bridesmaids will wear and to your honour attendants/flower girls which probably won’t need any tailoring. Having this done may be worth a price, but the smile it will put on the little angels’ faces will definitely make it worth it.

Share love to the elderly

After such an eventful day, do not just throw away those pretty flower arrangements you planned so much on or store in your house until it rots. Being in a relationship with your partner has probably made you feel the happiness of simply being given a flower. It’s old-fashioned but it still works especially to those who deserve to experience such happiness in their lives. You can unbind each flower stem from the wedding flower arrangements, and give each of them to the elderlies in your local retirement village. Doing this can surely add a joyous and memorable experience to you and to those who will receive this wonderful gift.

Charity donation as a wedding gift

If you and your partner have already settled and don’t need the extra household or personal gifts you will be receiving from family and friends on your wedding day, you can ask them to just donate to your chosen charity or ask them a monetary gift that you can personally donate to one or several charities. You can also start a simple fundraising for a certain cause that you want to support. However, if you are not comfortable with asking for money from your guests you can ask them to donate certain materials to your local community hall, public facilities or even to a church you go to. The possibilities are endless!

Hand-me-down decorations

Most girls have dreamt of their own wedding since they were a kid, and when that moment comes they would want it to be as beautiful as possible. However, beauty can sometimes come with a cost and unfortunately, not everyone can afford the most beautiful wedding decorations. If you think that the wedding decorations you bought will just be kept in a box for “possible” future use or will simply be thrown away, why not help your fellow bride-to-be’s and offer to donate some, if not all the decorations for their own wedding event? If you are unsure how to look for those future brides, wedding-related pages in social media is a great tool to start on.

Left-over for the homeless

At the end of the day, there might be some left-overs at the buffet table, and it is inevitable because, for some they would rather order excess food rather than leaving the guests unsatisfied from the amount of food they ate. After all, it’s a rather long day for everyone. If you are one of these people and think of what will you do if you end up with a ton of left-overs that you nor your guests want to take home, have some individual takeaway containers ready and pack the food in them equally. You can then distribute these to the homeless people in the streets. Not only did you satisfy your guests with the food served on your reception, but you also satisfied the hungry stomachs of those who are in need.

When you try out these suggestions, make sure to take photos or videos and share it to the social media community for others to also experience the joy of giving to others in the most special and unique way!