How much do you charge?

We charge a fair price for the quality and dedication that we put into our work.
To provide a proper quote we need to know a few things about your event.
To request a quote click HERE.

I want the final edited film to be 5, no 8, actually 15 minutes long.

The length of the final edited film will always depend on what happened and what was said on your wedding. The more content (interesting things happening) the more interesting and longer your film will be.

What is a “cinematic film” for weddings? Where’s my FULL video?

The final output that we provide for events and weddings is a cinematic music video (2-4 mins), highlights (6-8 mins) or feature film (8-12 mins). 
It is a beautifully composed film of your wedding or event showcasing the best parts of the day.
We opt to keep away from producing FULL length videos as they are notoriously known to be too long and boring.

How do I know if my fiance(e) really loves me?

mmm, we can talk this over cuppa. Shall we schedule?

Can you use the number one hit single of Michael Jackson for our video? It’s my favourite song.

We are very careful in our song selection process.
We spend hours, sometimes days, just to find the perfect song to match the mood of the footage obtained from your event. Your choice of a dramatic love song may not suit the upbeat and crazy happy footage that we get from your event. Plus, we only use licensed music in all our films. If it's not possible to license the song for use, then we won't be able to incorporate it in the video. 

Am I suppose to feed you?

Yes please. To keep our creative minds at work.

Why do I have to wait 9-12 weeks before I get my film?

Post-production. There are no shortcuts to it.
Truly, 75% of the work happens behind the scene after your wedding day.
As master Yoda put it, "patience you must have my young padawan".

Do you want to see what happens inside the edit? Let this video show you.

Do you really need a team of 3 to shoot my event?

Yes. Have you seen a movie's closing credits before? It's a long list isn't it? All for a 1-2 hour film.
A team of 4 is ideal but for now 3 people will do. For larger events, more people would be required. 

Do you do photography as well?

Photography and Videography are both visual arts and they are now closer to converging than they have ever been. However, these are still two entirely different diciplines. We admit we are very much in love with filmmaking and though we also fancy photography, we respectfully leave it to the pros.

What equipment do you use?

Oh you're a techie! Alright, we use mirrorless cameras and drones, to start with. We use professional lenses and lighting equipment. We also use high fidelity audio recording devices to capture those beautiful words that will be said. We use professional monopods and tripod sticks (for stabilisation), gimbals, and the list goes on. Duct tapes, yes, very important.

Where are you located? Do you travel?

We are filmmakers from Auckland, New Zealand.
Yes, we can travel to your destination.