The first time we met Dominic and Dorothy it was obvious that they are truly in love. The way they talk and treat each other made us feel like we were watching a scene from an Asian love story. We can just feel their affection for each other. From the start we understood it is their dream to have a perfect wedding day, a day to share with their family and friends who were flying in to Auckland from overseas. The wedding was meticulously planned and everyone knew their roles and timings. They were very organised, they wanted a perfect garden wedding. Just as the ceremony was about to begin and everyone was settled in their seats, the unexpected happened—it rained. The rain drove everyone indoors, away from the garden. As wedding filmmakers, it is our duty to be observant during the wedding day and we noticed guests were starting to worry about everything—the weather, the ceremony, the rest of the day. Naturally, we expected the bride and groom to worry the most. But out of all the people on that day, these two never showed any sign of anxiousness, not even the slightest hint of stress. We saw in their eyes that the rain didn’t matter, that to them what mattered most is they’re marrying each other on that day. And so everyone took their place with Dominic standing firm, the music played and no one could have walked down the aisle of that cramped little room as elegantly as Dorothy. It was a very beautiful wedding and no amount of rain could have stopped it.