Lloyd and Jenny are both very religious people. In fact, they are both choir members and have committed their lives in performing their duties in the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ). If you noticed in the video you will hear the word “panata” mentioned quite a lot. Lloyd and Jenny believe that God’s answer to their panata (or devotional prayer) is each other, and this was supported by their family and friends. How cool is that!

Lloyd & Jenny knew us through their sister Leah who was also married in the same Church last October 2016. When one of your previous brides recommends you as the videographer to another family member’s wedding, then you know you’ve become part of their family. It is such a wonderful feeling to walk into a wedding and see the same people you’ve met a few months back. We are very lucky to film Lloyd and Jenny’s wedding and will treasure the love and trust their family has given us.