We were very lucky to be part of Matt & Shannon's special day. There is something about these two that just makes us feel really "kilig". But before we go on about Matt and Shannon, let me share with you our experience with the their family, the Shorts.

I arrived in Tauranga the day before their wedding. It was such a nice and sunny morning – a perfect day for a wedding rehearsal at the Eagle Ridge Estate. After parking my car, I went ahead to look for Matt and Shannon. I spotted the bridal party at the estate garden where the ceremony had taken place. When I was about to greet the couple, Julie who was Matt’s mum greeted me first with a big hug. I felt so welcomed as if I was part of their family.

The first time I met the Shorts was back in 2016 in Russell, Bay of Islands at Aidan and Hana’s wedding. I met them again last April 2018 in Auckland during Marea and David’s wedding. I met the family once again but this time in Tauranga. It was so surreal to have seen familiar faces, and there was an overwhelming feeling of gladness inside of me after seeing that everyone was well and happy. The next morning, now with our camera gear, we went back to Eagle Ridge Estate and filmed one of the most beautiful weddings of 2018.

the Shorts.jpg