What sets a Filipino romance apart from the typical romance we generally know is the traditional practise of ‘ligawan’ or in the closest English term, courthsip. Back in the days, men who like a woman would often sing outside the woman’s room accompanied by a guitar, professing his love for her. They will even do hard tasks for the girl’s parents to prove that he can take care of their daughter. This traditional way of asking for a girl’s heart is still practised by some, but the most common way Filipino millennials do it is by asking the girl for a date and giving her gifts. Romantic as it may sound, Filipinos are also a bunch of shy people especially when confessing to the person they like. This was what Ronald felt when he laid eyes on Princess, entranced by her beauty. Thankfully, that did not stop him from courting Princess. He just had to ask a friend to help him out winks. Thanks to that friend (and Ronald’s own efforts of course), the love that they found in their university campus had led them to a wedding filled with so many smiling faces.