6 Reasons Why Investing in a Wedding Video Is a Must, Not a Maybe

By Amy Foulkes

When booking vendors as part of planning my own wedding, I recall running through the list of ‘must have’ vendors: photography, florist, cake, venue, celebrant, etc. These are always the traditional necessities for a modern wedding, but for some reason or another videography has remained an optional extra. Looking back on our day, videography was a vital part of capturing the beauty and emotion, it’s something I would have no hesitation investing in and if I had chosen not to book videographers I would always regret it. If you are making the decision whether to book a videographer for your wedding, or not, take a minute to consider these 6 reasons its worth having your big day on film.  

Video effectively captures movement and emotion

Photography and videography are very different mediums. Video captures a layer of movement and feeling that can’t be simply encapsulated by a photography snapshot. Motion picture records those moments like the change in the groom’s face as the bride walks down the aisle, the glisten of the sparklers or falling confetti, the swish of the bride’s dress and the joy lighting the guests faces during the speeches. Those movements captured in motion forever are priceless.

There is an opportunity to share your day with those who can’t make it

With intimate and destination weddings becoming increasingly popular a video is a brilliant way to show the highlights and narrative of your day with friends who can’t make it. Friends, colleagues and family can feel included even if they can’t make the wedding itself. One of the reasons my husband and I appreciated our wedding video so much was because we had our wedding just before moving abroad. We could share the joys of our day with new friends we met after the day itself, and they could celebrate with us retrospectively. I also enjoy knowing we have this filmed to show our future children and family.

The details are kept forever

So much love, attention and detail is put into planning a wedding. Couples pour their personalities into the intricacies of their day; the settings, flowers, cakes and invitations. Videos pick up aspects of these that aren’t always captured in still shots, how the light glistens on the tableware in the flickering lights; spanning shots capture the floral arrangements and the stunning décor; good cinematography can bring beautiful attention to the rings. It truly is a worthwhile investment to commemorate all those stunning intricacies.

Someone is capturing parts of the day that are missed

When it comes to your wedding day the time will fly and you’ll want to relive and enjoy one of the best days of your life. There will be moments you miss or forget and having those moments captured will add a depth and richness to your memory of the day. Having a videographer means you will rest assured knowing you can relax, there is someone there who is ensuring those missed details are recorded for you to look back on

Loving words spoken are kept and recorded

Weddings are a time were meaningful words are spoken. There are your vows, whether self-written or traditional, which will be some of the most important spoken words of your life; there’s the proclamations of the celebrant and the loving words from friends and family at your reception. With these recorded you can look back to them again and again, treasuring the vows and speeches.

You’ll never regret getting one, you will probably regret not

When speaking to married couples, I have met none who regret investing in a great videographer and several who regretted not booking one. Capturing the intricacies, emotions and details of your wedding is an investment which allows you to share and recall the joy of one of the best days of your life. It allows friends and family who cannot attend to experience the highlights of the day and captures your vows for future generations to look back on. Capturing the memories of your wedding in this way is truly priceless.

Do you think having a videographer to capture your big day is a must or a maybe? What do you look for in a good wedding video? Let us know in the comments down below.