10 Ways to Make your Wedding Day Unique and Unforgettable

By Winona Fajardo

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most memorable events in your life. It’s the first step towards a new life with the partner you chose to be with, so you want it to be perfect and memorable. Let the ideas below inspire you as you plan your wedding to make it a one-of-a-kind celebration.

Incorporate your Interests and Hobbies to Your Wedding Theme

Choosing something close to your heart as your theme will not only make your wedding memorable, but it will also make it standout. Whether you choose your culture, your favourite sport, or even your favourite hobby as the theme, it will surely be special as long as it’s something that you and your partner love.


DIY Wedding Decorations

DIY-ing is not only the best way to avoid spending thousands of dollars for your decors, but it’s also a good way to make your wedding unique since it’s unlikely that you will find the exact same designs in the market. You can even ask your close relatives and friends to help you create the decors to enjoy the process rather than feeling as if it’s a chore.


Spice Up your Wedding Invitation

Instead of giving out the usual scented card wrapped in a ribbon, go for something that guests will not expect to receive as an invitation to your wedding. The best way to come up with an idea is to base it on your wedding theme. If you’re planning a beach-themed wedding, you can do a ‘message’ in a bottle invitation. If you want it to be fun and quirky, and want to bring out the child in everyone try the low-budget idea of sending them a balloon with the details stamped on it. An invitation may not be the focal point of your wedding, but it gives your guests the first impression of how the event will be like. If you send them something that they do not expect, they will be just as excited as you are on your big day.


Meaningful Guestbook

Rather than setting a log book for guests to sign on, replace it with something that is significant to you and your partner.  Since you are giving your guests a souvenir, this can act as your own souvenir from your wedding. If you’re both a music lover, pick the instrument that you like to play and make the guests write on it instead. If you love photography, take photos of the guests prior to the wedding and make them sign their photos on the actual day.


Make it Interactive

Make the guests feel that they are as special in the event as your close relatives by involving them in the activities you plan for your wedding reception. You can get them to make song requests to the DJ and/or organise a game where everyone can participate in.


Ditch the Photo Booth

Change the typical picture booth at your wedding to something more unique. Try a video booth instead wherein everyone can leave a message for you or even crack a joke. Give them dares of what to do in the video to make it more entertaining. Another alternative is to hire a caricature artist to draw a sketch of you and your partner, and the guests.


Guests as Entertainers

Ask your talented guests in advance to perform a presentation on your wedding day. It can either be a song, dance, or even a comedy show that you and the others can enjoy!


Make it Fun for the Kids too

Aside from the unforgettable experience of being page boys and flower girls, let them enjoy the event by setting up a separate table for them with various activities and games. You can even put a jar filled with lollies to dig their hands into. This will keep them busy while the grown-ups enjoy their own time.


Anniversary Jar

Years after your wedding, relive the memories on your special day and the times you spent with each other before that. Write as many things to your significant others as you want. It can be a promise you want to make, a memory that is special to you, or a private joke that only both of you share. Ask your guests to write notes as well and put it in a jar. Choose which wedding anniversary you want to open the jar and read what both of you wrote, and the ones who shared that special day with you. 


A Wedding Video

What’s better than getting a photographer to capture the moments on your special day? Hiring a videographer! There’s no better way to relive your sweetest memories with your partner and loved ones than to witness your own wedding live-action. After the years has passed, you can even show your wedding video to your children and grandchildren. This is the perfect remembrance that will definitely last a lifetime.