Bridal Emergency Kit: 8 Must Haves for a Struggle-Free Wedding Day

By Winona Fajardo

Through the entire wedding preparation and the actual ceremony, it’s only normal to focus on the bigger, more important things like the venue, arrangements, and guest list. This leaves you to forget that your special day can also go smoothly by having all the small essential things that might save you from having a nightmarish wedding. Luckily, these things can just be found around your house or in your local pharmacy and grocery stores.

  1. Paracetamol tablets

    I can’t emphasize more why having some tablets of Panadol in your pouch is important. You can’t expect to have a perfectly clear head throughout the celebration especially with a lot of things happening. So, save yourself from any pain or headache by having this lifesaver in your kit.

  2. Snacks and mints

    You probably won’t feel any hunger because of the butterflies in your stomach until the wedding ceremony is over and you’re on your way to the reception. You don’t want anyone hearing your stomach growl when they’re taking wedding photos with you, so having a snack bar or trail mix on hand can help you get through that hunger until dinner is served. Make sure to also have some mints handy to ensure that you have fresh breath throughout the day.

  3. Plasters

    This is essential especially when you have forgotten to break-in to your wedding shoes. Every girl knows how distracting the pain of having blisters form in your feet is. Plaster acts as a hero to relieve you from that sort of pain. It’s also better to be prepared in case someone gets a minor wound or cut.

  4. Hair tie/hairpin/hairspray

    Unless you have your hairstylist on standby, you can’t really be sure that your hair stays on perfectly throughout the day. A hairpin or two can help your hair from looking like a disaster at the end of the day. A hair tie and hairspray can also help to keep your hair from your face when you’re out enjoying the reception party.

  5. Sewing kit

    Just in case, one of your bridesmaid’s dress tears or a thread from your groomsman suit becomes loose, it’s better to have a sewing kit at your disposal. Make sure to get materials that match the colours of the dresses and suits so that any quick repairs are not obvious.

  6. Perfume/Deodorant

    You will want to match that bewitching look of yours with a smell that is also as great. What you will not want is to smell of sweat from the day’s activities. Also, imagine having that slow romantic dance with your partner then him smelling that signature scent of yours that he has always loved. That’s a perfect scene right there.

  7. Makeup

    It’s good to have some makeup ready for you to use should you need a quick touch up before taking hundreds of wedding photos. You don’t have to bring your entire makeup kit with you. A lipstick, an eyeliner, mascara, and oil blotting sheets will do to ensure that you look perfect every time the camera captures a photo and video of you.

  8. Tissues

    You already know how important it is to always have a tissue with you in your everyday life, so it’s no different for your wedding day. Tissue serves a lot of purposes like wiping off a stain or catching the tears from falling. It’s better to have a packet in your kit because it is of many uses on your wedding day.

survival kit.jpg

This emergency kit is not just for the brides. It can also help your husband-to-be and the guests on your wedding day, so there’s nothing wrong with being extra prepared by having your own bridal emergency kit.