By John Michael Enriquez & Jenna Agamata


There are couples who have always dreamt of going out in the sun and letting the waves be part of their celebration. If you and your partner have always been beach lovers, then a beach wedding would be perfect for you. Being an outdoor wedding, there are things that should be well taken to consideration. 

A lot of beach weddings have been pulled out nicely but some failed and spiralled down to a disaster due to factors like the weather, crowds, and location to name a few. But worry no more, we’ll be giving you tips on how to make your beach wedding easy and breezy!



In planning a beach wedding, this is the number one factor you need to consider. Since the weather is almost unpredictable at times, it's best to ensure that you have your wedding during the summer season. Important things to consider are the wind and tides during your big day. Pull up those wind forecasts and tide reports, and maybe talk to locals if it’s pretty windy in that part of the year. Also make sure to have a "Plan B" in case the weather does not cooperate. Booking an indoor location close to the beach such as a function hall could really be helpful if the weather just won’t permit. 


Sunrise and sunset are the best settings for a wedding. Find a spot on the beach that will showcase either of the two and it'll be picture-perfect. If you plan on having it in the late morning or afternoon, make sure there is enough shade for the guests so they won’t get roasted under the sun during the ceremony. Depending on the couple, most opt for a sunset wedding to usher in some fireworks display during the reception. 


In New Zealand where wonderful beaches are plenty and never too far from anywhere, it is still best to consider the logistics of making sure your guests make it to the wedding. Providing a map with the invitation to make sure they don’t get lost would be helpful. If you're planning to have your ceremony on a popular beach, make sure to provide personnel for crowd control or find a secluded spot for a more intimate celebration. 


Sound system should be well placed around the ceremony area. The crashing of waves on the shore is music for the celebration but should not cover up your vows and I Do’s. Your photographers and videographers should be informed about your wedding setting for them to adjust their audio and lighting strategies to get the perfect shots. Make sure anything you put up on the beach is stable and secured because strong winds could knock it over and damage your equipment.


Your guests should also be well informed about your beach wedding so they could dress accordingly. Also make sure that guests who will arrive in wheelchairs or those who cannot walk firmly on sand is well taken care of. Assigning someone on standby for guests who require assistance would be great.

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Make sure that the pastor/priest/celebrant/minister who will wed the two of you is well assisted and informed of the wedding location. For walking down the aisle, you must also consider wether you want yourself and your bridal party to walk on sand or on something more solid like a carpet. You can also provide jandals and sunnies for the guests and other details to match your theme and be functional at the same time. This is the perfect opportunity to be super creative!


After the ceremony, you can have your reception at an indoor hall close to the beach or even right on the beach itself. Set up a marquee and dress it up according to your theme--rustic, boho, Hawaiian, and a lot more. These themes could also be incorporated in the food to be served as well as the reception program. Since you’re already on the beach, it’s the perfect place to setup some fireworks display to wrap up the celebration!

There you have it! These tips could help you a lot on planning your dream beach wedding and making sure it goes well. As long as you’ve taken in consideration all things that could possibly happen, and having a back up plan for the worse, then you’re good to go. Just remember, no matter what happens during the big day, don't sweat the small stuff. Have fun and enjoy your beach wedding day!