Pros and Cons of DIY Wedding

By John Michael Enriquez

Planning is probably one of the most stressful events in a wedding. Some couples opt to hire a wedding organizer and get the job done and some want to really personalize their wedding to their exact taste and flow. Either way, the most important thing is to enjoy the celebration and get the ball rolling until the big day.

PRO # 1 – DIY Weddings are more budget friendly

Ever wonder how much is the average pay for wedding organizers in the US? Well, according to, it’s around $1,500 per wedding! Imagine how much more you can get from that money if you choose to do the organizing yourselves. You can invite 70-80 more guests, hire a cooler DJ for your reception, or maybe even upgrade your two-tier cake to four!


PRO # 2 – Couples can outsource work from friends/relatives

Here is a beautiful wedding video of a backyard garden wedding.

If you have a big circle of friends and family who happen to be talented as well, they can help you a lot on planning and getting some stuff done. Do you have a nephew who does graphics designing? Ask him to create your invitation. Do you have a close friend who bakes? Ask her to make your souvenir cupcakes for a little price. This can also save you a lot of money and will make your friends and family more involved to your wedding.

PRO # 3 – DIY Weddings are more personal

If organising won’t be much of a hassle for you and your partner, it can turn out to be a great bonding moment for you two. You can negotiate and connect with one another to knock off your checklist one by one and communicate on which items you both think will be good or bad for the wedding. Remember that this can be a good exercise for couples when it comes to decision making and choosing what’s more beneficial in the long run.

CON # 1 – DIY Weddings could get stressful

This is probably the number one reason why couples hire a wedding organizer – to steer away from stress. Some couples want to just give all the work to the organizer, choose from options presented to them, and just wait until their big day comes. There’s really a lot to consider to make a wedding successful from the church, to the reception, and up to the honeymoon phase. Managing it all could cause so much stress to the couple and may even start small arguments.


CON # 2 – DIY Weddings need a lot of work and time

Wedding organisers have one important thing that couples don’t – connections. They have a lot of suppliers and know a lot of people that could get the work done in the best way possible. These people are already experts in the wedding industry and it could take more time and work for couples to look for a handful of them. Important suppliers in a wedding include venues, caterers, band, DJs, videographers, photographers, wedding planners, florists, hotels, MUA,  and a lot more.


CON # 3 – Couples could lack of ideas and creativity

Wedding organizers have a spectrum of ideas and wedding themes that couples could simply choose from. You may search some on the internet but having a wedding organizer will really help you identify which choices fit the couple the best. If a couple is creative enough, that won’t be a problem. Otherwise, it may boil down to not getting the right theme and choices and ending up on a not-so-happy wedding.

There you go! Three pros and cons to help you decide if a DIY wedding is worth the task. Bottomline, your wedding day must not feel like a burden, but a celebration of you and your partner’s love. Also remember that it does not have to be so extravagant! A simple and intimate wedding is just equally special as long as it’s happily celebrated by the couple and their family and friends. Happy wedding planning!