Perks of Getting a Videographer on your Wedding Day

By Winona Fajardo & John Michael Enriquez

“A picture paints a thousand words”. This famous line from the band Bread has really given a profound definition for still images. But have you ever wondered how many more thousand words could a video paint? Video captures memories in multiple perspectives and gives life to a captured moment. All the emotions, expressions, and gestures will all be recorded – making it much better for you to relive the whole celebration as the years go by. Indeed, reliving your wedding through several photos will bring back the happenings in your wedding – but being able to watch it will really give you that exact feeling as you see each other across aisle.

A shot of the entire moment

While photography catches the most important events on your wedding, it solely just focuses on those because they only get one shot to capture those memories. This usually leads to missing the special little details like how your best friend beamed from ear to ear when you finally kissed your partner under the beautiful floral archway. In the photos, you may see your family and friends laughing or crying but may not remember why they are doing so. Getting a wedding videographer will capture everything to the smallest details. It will allow you to relive that special moment and see the things that you have missed on that day. Watching your wedding video is like witnessing it from a different perspective because you will see a lot of the happenings that you have failed to notice before. Every time you watch it, you will see or notice things differently which makes it more exciting.

It captures other memories, not just the wedding itself

Weddings are one of the best ways to have everyone you love in a single place. And, when the special people in your life are gathered, memories will form that only a video can capture in the best way possible. Imagine your maid of honour or your groomsman talking about craziest things you have done in high school while everyone is laughing and seeing yourself red from embarrassment. Who knows? Your wedding might be the last day you’ll see your grandparents healthy and smiling before their age starts to take its toll. It might be the last day you will see that special friend of yours before he/she decides to live in a country far away to start a new life. Or you can simply watch your wedding to see everyone happy for the next milestone you will face with your partner. Recording the people at your wedding is one of the special ways to remember the relationships you have with them and to relive all the experiences when you start to miss them.

Months of effort spent preparing will be stored

The preparations you do for your wedding ceremony and reception is no joke. It is something that you can’t rush if you want it to be perfect. It’s true when they say that time flies when that day finally comes. One day, you are checking in at the hotel, spending your last night as a miss then the next thing you know you have your partner’s last name next to your first name. So, where did all the efforts go? The best way to make all the preparations worth it is by getting a videographer to record it. They can even capture the pre-wedding events and make a documentary out of it. This way, you can appreciate the colour theme you’ve chosen for the wedding and the table decorations you yourself have arranged. You can hear the music played as you walk down the aisle and as you dance with your loved ones in the middle of the stage with everyone watching you with love in their eyes. Because what’s better than having that smile on your face every time you watch the video and realise that not one single effort towards the preparation has gone to waste?

A memory to share with those who are not yet in this world

A few years after your wedding when you have your own family, you will want your kids to also attend that special day in the only way possible: getting them to watch your wedding day. Realising how much their parents love each other and seeing other people whom they formed a relationship with can be healthy to them. It will give them a positive outlook towards life and they will want the same happiness for them. You want to be the best role model to your children, and allowing them to see that such love can exist between two people through your wedding video is a priceless gift that they will be thankful for the rest of their lives.

Being in a movie with you as the main actors

It’s probably not your dream to become an actor nor anyone else’s, but being able to capture the genuine emotions real time is something Oscar worthy. From the tears of joy to the love reflecting from everyone’s eyes, it’s something that mere acting can’t replicate. Apart from the program created to guide you throughout the whole ceremony, nothing is scripted so the plot of your movie-like wedding is unique. It’s your own personal story and no one else in this world has the exact same story as yours.


They say that life is a continuous cycle. Soon enough, all of us will pass away but the memories created will always stay. That’s why having your wedding filmed will indeed bottle all the special moments of your big day. Guests who give out speeches for the couple are usually the ones close to their hearts. Soon enough, these guests may part ways with the world but being able to watch how they show you their love by their words one more time will make you feel like they never left.

The bride’s dance with her father. The groom’s tight hug to his mom. All of these are memories worth watching again. You don’t want to regret not being able to do that because once it’s done, it can never be repeated again.


The pros of having your wedding filmed could make you feel overwhelmed but keep in mind that this is another expense you might need to reconsider especially if you’re in a budget. Looking for a great videographer around your area is not easy. You will have to scout, ask around, and surf the internet for wedding videographers near you. Once you find a few, narrow it down to at least three choices and start meeting each one. You must be aware of how they do their work by watching the previous weddings they covered.

Making the final decision must be considered from three different factors – the schedule, style, and the budget. Good videographers usually get booked ahead of time so their schedule is one you must take note of. Their style of creating videos is also important as it will greatly affect the quality and perspective of your wedding video. Lastly, your budget and their quote must meet with consideration to how technical and sophisticated you want your video to look. Nowadays in New Zealand, a wedding video coverage could cost you around $2,500-$10,000. This is an expense you really need to think about because of its long list of advantages especially after your wedding. The last thing you want is to have regrets of not having your wedding filmed, or worse, paying someone to do it for cheap but not delivering what you wanted because at that point it just becomes a waste of time and money. The key is to find a videographer who fits your budget, style and personality. Clients should not choose a videographer solely because of their price. A client should look for a videographer whose work really resonates with their character and personality.

We hope we were able to help you decide on this important wedding matter. Go ahead and start looking for a good videographer in your area, watch their crafts, and set a meeting and discuss how they can help to tell your beautiful love story!