Unique Places to Hold your Wedding and/or Reception According to Your Style

By Winona Fajardo

There is nothing wrong with having your wedding in traditional places like a church or a beach. Those are the classic traditional wedding locations. It gives off that romantic essence and vibe as you walk down the aisle and see the smiling teary-eyed faces of your friends and family. But, don't let traditions hold you from taking the risk to do something different. After all, being unique and out of your comfort zone is the best way to have a memorable wedding that will surely be remembered by everyone.

Adventure Junkie

For those who don’t mind going above and beyond to make their wedding spectacularly standout, why not try to incorporate your ceremony with the extreme sports that you love? If you love the waters, try an underwater wedding ceremony because what’s more romantic than capturing the kiss that will seal the bond of your marriage underwater? If you prefer the skies, try skydiving instead. But, if you want to stay on land you can hold your wedding atop a mountain with a view of everything beneath as you recite your vows to each other. As long as your partner is up for it, and the bride doesn’t mind the risk of ruining her wedding gown and makeup, then don’t let anything else stop you from doing an extreme adventure-themed wedding.


If you love adventure but don’t want to take it to the extreme, there are still a lot of places where you can hold your wedding, especially when you love to travel. If you don’t mind audiences in addition to your guests, try a famous tourist spot or landmark that you have always loved like the Sky Tower or your local zoo. You can also consider having your wedding in an aquarium or theme park. Choosing such venues for your wedding ceremony allows you to have a tour of the place right after the event, so what’s not love? If you don’t want hundreds of people witnessing the ceremony, you can hold your wedding on a yacht in the middle of the sea with only your friends and family as witnesses.

Nature Lover

New Zealand is famous for its wonderful landscapes and sceneries. One of the reasons why locals love it is because of the beauty of its nature. So, you wouldn’t go wrong with choosing a location you want to have your wedding in. What’s better is that some of these locations are free because it is public property. The struggle you will find yourself stuck in is choosing from a variety of places. If you are after a mellow, mysterious, romantic type of wedding you can choose the forest as a location or for something that is more eccentric but not extreme, try having your wedding in a cave. If you want a more private location, you can have it on an isolated island where the transport is by boat. To replace a classic garden wedding, choose an orchard or a botanical garden as your venue. The list just goes on!


For those who do not want to risk the inevitable bad weather that might occur on your wedding day or if you simply want your venue to be indoors, there are still various places you can pick from. If you want nature incorporated into your wedding theme but don’t want an open-sky location, try a greenhouse garden. For those who want a cosy place or if you simply love books, try a library. If you have your own library at home or someone you know has one, you don’t have to worry about the librarians fretting over the books you and your guests might ruin. On the other hand, if you opt for something more different and fun, why not try a circus? A circus can be expensive but if you don’t mind spending more for a once in a lifetime moment, then go for it.

Party Animal

There’s no other venue that will suit those who love to lose themselves in parties than a pub. Your wedding will surely be the talk of the town if you choose this type of venue. If you still want to maintain the serenity of your wedding, you can always hire a mobile pub and incorporate it to another venue that interests you from this list. Setting up your own pub in a unique place will make it even more memorable. Just remember that not all venues will allow you and your guests to drink there, so be sure to stay out of trouble than risk the consequences in the end.


People who are old-fashioned but still want their wedding to be striking and for those who want a piece of history included in their theme, go for a wedding in an old castle or palace. If you’re in New Zealand, you can only have it in the Larnach Castle & Gardens in Dunedin because it is the only castle in the country. But the good news is, they do offer weddings and venue hire so nothing should get in your way from fulfilling the fairy tale wedding you have imagined since you were a child! Another venue you can consider if you’re old-fashioned or fond of history is the museum. Luckily, New Zealand has museums everywhere, so you can just take your pick.


Whether you love extreme adventures or want to stay in your comfort zone, there is surely a place where you can hold your wedding and make it stand out above all others.

Do you know any other unique places where to hold your wedding or reception? Perhaps as daring as the top of a mountain or simply in your backyard? Well we sure do are keen to hear from you so please feel free to comment below and share with us your thoughts.